History – like you never learned it at school

We have been doing unit studies based around history themes… we started with Greek history and covered all sorts of things related to Greece. Then we moved onto Rome and Shams fell completely in love with Alexander the Great. This week we started out on the Indus Valley civilisation here in Pakistan, and as usual I trawled through youtube to find a good history overview.

And I struck gold!

Crash Course World History is a brilliant series put together by a couple of really funny guys and goes through world history starting at the Agricultural Revolution and going subject by subject all the way through to Islam. My kids really dislike history and whenever I pull out the trusty text book they groan in unison. But they loved these 10 minute videos so much that they watched them for fun even after school had finished.  Here is the first one, but from here you can see their entire collection. They even have a series on biology which might well be next on our list 🙂


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