Muhammad: The Messenger of Islam

Asalaam aleikum everyone and Ramadan Kareem. Missing you all! I am using my time here in Australia to read, and I finally managed to get hold of a copy of Hajjah Amina Adil’s ‘Muhammad: the Messenger of Islam’. She is the late wife of Shaikh Nazim, and we have been trying to find this book for some time. Al Hamdulillah – it is as awesome as I hoped. It is the life of the Prophet Muhammad SAWS with spiritual insight added.

I wanted to share some of the book with you all…. they are all familiar stories but with aspects added that I have never heard before. 


The Prophet’s blessed mother, Amina, relates:

“At the time I was ready to give birth there was no one with me, neither man or woman attended me (for everyone, including Abdul Muttalib, had gone to make Tawwaf of the Kaaba.) I was all alone in the house. Suddenly there was a terrifying noise and I felt great fear. Then a white bird alighted upon my breast and my fear left me, I became calm and no trace of pain or anxiety remained. Next I was handed a cup of sweet white sherbet, and when I drank of it, my heart filled with peace and joy and light. After this, I beheld a number of tall women approaching me, tall and slender as cypress trees, and of astounding beauty. I took them to be the daughters of Abdu Manaf. They came and sat around me in a circle and I was mostly surprised and wondered how they had come to know of my condition and who had informed them.

While I was yet pondering this question in my heart, one of the ladies spoke and said, ‘I am Hawa, the wife of the Prophet Adam,’ and another one of them said ‘I am Sarah, the wife of the Prophet Ibrahim.’ Yet another said, ‘I am Asiya, the wife of Fir’aun of Egypt’. And another said ‘I am Maryam, the daughter of ‘Imran and the mother of ‘Isa.’ the others were introduced as the Huris of Paradise, all of whom had come to usher the Holy Prophet SAWS into his earthly life and to welcome him with due veneration. 

Suddenly I perceived a white curtain being drawn from the skies down to the earth, so that I was veiled from the eyes of the Jinn. Then there was a flock of birds with beaks of green emerald and ruby red wings. These birds flew down and fluttered about me so closely that I could feel the beating of their wings upon my skin. They flew round and round me as if in Tawwaf. The Lord Almighty then removed the veil from my eyes so that I beheld the whole world from east to west. Three flags I saw them brings down from Heaven; one they planted in the ground in the east, one in the west and one right atop the Kaaba. In the heavens that were open to my eyes I beheld men bearing bejeweled vessels of gold and they assisted at the birth of the blessed child and I suffered neither pain nor trouble.

And when I looked again I saw that the child was born circumcised, and that his umbilical cord was cut and he was wrapped in a piece of white silk. he touched the ground with his blessed head, lifted the forefinger of his right hand and made humble supplication to Allah Almighty. I bent down to hear what he was saying and these were the words I heard:

Ash hadu an la ilaha ill’Allah wanni Rasulullah; Allahhu Akbar kabiran, wal-hamdu-lillahhi kathiran, wa subhanallahi bukratan wa asilan. Allahumma, ummatiy, ummatiy. (my nation, my nation).


Pakistan homeschooling comes to Australia!

It’s been a week of travelling but we are finally here in Byron Bay – the most easterly point of Australia and the home of my mother.

It is a year since we were here in Australia, where all my family lives, but it has been a big year. Last October we dropped out of school and this trip has been everyone’s opportunity to question me about my latest unconventional decision.  This is my family, and they have known me long enough to think I am completely mad anyway – watching my transition over the last 40 years from farmer to greenie to yuppie to hippy to Muslim living in Pakistan (the worst phase of all and unfortunately the longest lasting!) What they are all worried about is that I have now drawn my kids into my craziness. More

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