Colouring mandalas

I don’t know about your kids, but mine have always been into colouring in. The trouble is that once you get over the age when Princesses and Superheroes are cool, colouring in is relegated to the list of “baby” activities that you don’t do any more.

About six months ago in the Islamabad homeschooling presentation group, one family brought in a pile of colouring mandalas for the other kids to work on. The effect was incredible. For the next two days my kids and I did NOTHING but colour in mandalas. Even Shams was enthralled. Even now, six months later, Safiyah and Diyana colour them nearly every day in their spare time.

Colouring mandalas is a well known meditation technique, and every religion seems to have used these circular designs in their symbolism. When I was travelling the world in fact, I used to spend hours in mosques, churches and temples drawing the designs that I found on windows, walls and ceilings.

For my kids, colouring these mandalas is not just a way of filling in time. It is also an incredible relaxation technique, a way of dealing with anger (which is a major issue for Diyana thanks largely to her lazy eye), a way of instinctively using colour therapy and balancing the mind, as well as a really spiritual activity that lets them get in touch with their heart.

I have spent hours looking through all the available mandala colouring pages, and here is my list of the best. I always look for non-religiously affiliated designs, and there are hundreds and hundreds on the internet available for printing. We love them… hope you do too!

Today my scanner is refusing to work, but when it gets it’s act together I will post some of my own kids’ mandalas in the coming days.


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