EarthSky for the love of science

I have mentioned EarthSky before in passing, but I wanted to give it a special mention because I love it so much.

It is a brilliant site for the latest in science news, and since I am a big believer in giving kids relevant knowledge, there can be nothing more relevant to today’s world. I read the site nearly every day, and pull out articles that I think the kids will find interesting. One of my very favourite sections is on biomimicry and even my kids who claim they ‘hate science’ were totally fascinated by it. (I have to point out that my kids just THINK they hate science because of years of the dullest science curriculum ever in schools. Whenever they have to choose a project, it is always about animals or how things work – and if that is not science I dont know what is!!!)

Anyway back to EarthSky – this section on Biomimicry is all about the latest developments in science that mimic the natural systems but are used for manmade purposes. For religious education this is brilliant, because it clearly shows the superiority of God’s designs over anything we can possibly think up. Each story has a short video so it is completely kid-friendly.

Since my kids are great at finding articles and reading them, but not so good at summarising and taking notes, I am now planning to give them an article and ask them to make notes about the key points.


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  1. Bec
    Jun 02, 2012 @ 07:06:47

    I’ve been meaning to spend some serious time on EarthSky since you last mentioned it. I seem to be suffering from that problem you have too, bookmarking too many resources and never getting around to reading them!


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